The History of The Ferocious Lion


The Asferi lion was originally designed in 2005. This ferocious image of the Asferi brand continues to evolve over the years. It represents patience, protection, courage, and vivaciousness encapsulated in one, powerful symbol.

On each luxury clothing piece, the Asferi lion is enticingly handsome and intentionally colorful with long, wavy, and vibrantly colored locks of hair. His sabered teeth are a mighty, bone-crushing force that commands respect.

Asferi takes pride in bringing this prehistoric animal to life on high-end fabric for all to adore. Each unique fashion design provides its own experience. Every customer deserves to enjoy wearing this artwork for many years to come.

All are welcome at Asferi.

Everlasting Egyptian Cotton


Our authentic Egyptian cotton is hand-picked to place less stress on the biodegradable fibers. This leaves the cotton straight and unbothered. Each fiber is stretched in length to produce very fine yet sturdy yarns. This combination produces a softer fabric more subtle than regular cotton.

Grown in only one place in the world — the Nile Delta — Egypt’s naturally remarkable “white gold” is finer, softer, and more breathable than any other cotton. Unfortunately, the incredible nature of this fine fabric is being silenced by trendy, fast fashion.

Ever since 2001, there has been a 95% decline in demand from big corporations that opted to go with cheaper options. As a result, millions of farmers, weavers, and craftspeople are struggling to make ends meet.

By working directly with cotton farming families in Egypt, Asferi strives to rebuild the fashion industry into what it once was – an epicenter of high-quality fabrics and high-end style. Our fabrics are created from raw cotton bought directly from farmers at guaranteed prices.

Like farm-to-table, but for your clothes.

Our cotton is then sent to our cut-and-sew factory outside of Alexandria, VA. This seamless operation employs numerous locals, securing their craft and their livelihood. We use only the most experienced senior tailors right here in the United States.

By scrapping the middleman, we’ve ensured a fair wage for the dedicated workers in our fashion community.




Satisfaction Guaranteed

Be the fashion statement.

We always strive to ensure your Asferi fashion experience is simple and stress-free. Our customer-centric purchasing process is effortless and  our 24/7 customer service are designed just for you.

At Asferi, your time is valued. We want you to stop by, choose your favorite fashion pieces, and then keep living. No more wondering what to wear to work or on a night out with friends. Asferi has all the luxury fashion you need and then some.